Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Northern Virginia – Top 9

Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Northern Virginia- Top 9

For centuries, dogs have been an integral part of many households. They are our loyal companions, protectors, and faithful sidekicks. As dog owners, we want to spend as much time with our beloved canines as possible. That’s why we are always seeking places where our dogs are welcome. Northern Virginia is one of the most dog-friendly regions in the U.S. If you are looking for a place to grab a great cup of brew in the company of your canine, Northern Virginia has an abundance of dog-friendly coffee shops and cafes. From locally owned to simplistic cafes, little bristos, and brands we all know and love, here are the top dog-friendly coffee shops in Northern Virginia where you can sit with a coffee and your trusty companion and watch the world go by.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Shop of Northern Virginia

Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Northern Virginia

For more than five decades, Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been dedicated to crafting only the best cup, an endeavor that continues to shape every step of the coffee brewing process, from partnering with farmers to hand-crafting each cup they serve. Peet’s Coffee & Tea features a large seating space and six dog-friendly outdoor tables for dog owners who want to enjoy a coffee with their canine companions.

Café du Soleil Coffee Shop in Northern Virginia

If you are looking for a place to kickstart your morning or wind down your day in the company of your canine sidekick, Café du Soleil is the place to be. Nestled within the heart of old town Alexandria, Café du Soleil is an independent, veteran, and family-owned coffee shop. Café du Soleil takes pride in providing organic and fair-trade coffee. Their menu features various iced and hot beverages and savory and sweet food options. With plenty of space inside, coffee lovers can bring their furry friends.

Dolce and Bean Coffee Shop in NoVa

In the heart of Alexandria is another dog-friendly coffee shop. Dolce and Bean serves espressos, coffees, hand-crafted chocolates, gelato, macarons, confections, and pastries. The local family-owned coffee shop is the place to be when you need a coffee or dessert or just an afternoon break with your furry friend.

Blend Coffee Bar Coffee Shop of Northern VA

Located in the Broadlands area of Ashburn, VA, Blend Coffee Bar features a warm, industrial rustic interior space and a spacious outdoor patio where you can sit with your pup. Blend Coffee Bar allows residents and visitors to enjoy quality coffee and create memories with family and friends. All their coffee is sourced locally and used to make specialty and hand-crafted drinks, plus wine and beer options.

Starbucks Alexandria in NoVa

When considering dog-friendly coffee shops in Northern Virginia, Starbucks has to be high on the list. Whether you are looking to fuel up for a late night or need an early morning coffee fix, Starbucks has got you covered. The Alexandria location has four tables that feature dog-friendly seating. Starbucks’ menu includes a wide range of coffee drinks, cold brews, teas, and customized Frappuccino. They even have a coffee option for your dog – the puppuccino.Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Northern Virginia

Idido’s Coffee and Social House

Idido’s Coffee and Social House is a dog-friendly coffee shop in Arlington, VA. The coffee shop has outdoor tables with pet-friendly sitting space. At Idido’s Coffee and Social House, enjoy quality coffee, healthy light meals, and sweet pastries in the company of your four-legged best friend.

Beanetics Coffee Roasters

Beanetics Coffee Roasters is a small, independently owned coffee roasting facility. Beanetics Coffee Roasters’ mission is to ensure that everyone who steps inside the shop enjoys the full potential of the coffee bean through freshly-roasted coffee. Dogs are welcome to join you at one of the outdoor tables. Here you can enjoy bagels and muffins with your freshly roasted coffee.

Buzz Bakery & Coffee

Buzz Bakery & Coffee is a favorite for many who visit the north end of Old Town, Alexandria. The coffee shop serves coffee, cakes, pastries, and sweets. From rich, fudgy brownies and freshly baked cupcakes to decadent cheese-filled pumpkin muffins and craft coffee, and a dog-friendly patio, Buzz Bakery & Coffee will get you buzzing each time you visit.

Caffe Amouri

Caffe Amouri is a small-batch artisan coffee roasting facility with a strong farm-to-cup mentality that guarantees the best coffees and teas. Their extensive menu features cappuccinos, lattes, hand-poured, hand-shaken iced coffees, tea lattes, loose-leaf teas, and more. They have a few dog-friendly outdoor tables for dog owners who want to grab a coffee with their canine companions.Dog Friendly Coffee Shops in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has a lot of sights worth exploring with your pup, from dog-friendly restaurants and stores to pet-friendly coffee shops. Taking your canine companion out for regular errands, like grabbing a cup of brew, is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and break the monotony of spending your days indoors. However, while many coffee shops are happy to serve you and your four-legged companion, you must ensure that you know how your dog will respond to certain social situations and that they can remain calm the entire time. Most importantly, only take well-trained pups to dog-friendly establishments like coffee shops.

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