Senior Dog Rescues in Northern Virginia – Top 6

Senior Dog Rescues in Northern Virginia – Top 6

When adopting a dog, most people favor puppies or younger dogs overlooking any dog above the age of five. With shelters being so overcrowded, most of the time, elderly dogs are among the first to be euthanized if they don’t find foster homes or get adopted. Older dogs usually end up in shelters because their owners or guardians can no longer care for them, while others were once cherished companions of those who’ve either passed away or have been evicted or moved to assisted living homes.

 Dog Rescues in Northern Virginia

Regardless of why an elderly dog is no longer with their original owners, they deserve to be cared for and loved just like puppies and younger dogs. Senior dog rescues are crucial in providing loving care to abandoned and homeless gray-muzzled friends. The truth is that senior dogs are easier to handle than most puppies since they are already housetrained, and most don’t need much in terms of general behavioral training. If you are in Northern Virginia and thinking of adopting or fostering a senior dog, check out these top senior dog rescues in Northern Virginia.

Caring Hearts Dog Rescue in Northern Virginia

Caring Hearts Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Fairfax County. Caring Hearts Rescue works to rescue homeless and abandoned senior dogs as well as special needs pups. The organization then rehabilitates the dogs behaviorally and medically, ensuring they are healthy before placing them in their volunteer foster homes. Besides finding forever homes for these dogs, Caring Hearts Rescue works with their volunteers to equip dog owners with positive training techniques to reduce the number of dogs who end up being abandoned due to behavioral issues.

Paws For Seniors Dog Rescue of Northern Virginia

Paws For Seniors is another senior dog rescue in Northern Virginia whose role is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned and broken senior dogs before placing them with fun and loving families. Paws for Seniors is built on the belief that the best way to keep our aging society young at heart is through pet companionship. As such, the organization rehomes dogs and cats, with the primary focus being matching senior pets with senior members of the society. Their senior dogs come from homes where owners can no longer keep them or crowded shelters where the older dogs are at risk of being euthanized.

 Dog Rescues in Northern VirginiaFriends of the Homeless Animals (FOHA) Dog Rescue of Northern VA

Friends of the Homeless Animals is a non-profit, non-kill rescue shelter for homeless animals. Located in Northern Virginia, Friends of Homeless Animals provide a unique shelter experience and has been serving the Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan area since 1973. The animals that end up in the shelter come from county shelters where they would have been euthanized; others come from the streets or homes where the owners can no longer care for them, while others are rescued from abusive situations. The volunteers at the organization provide love and care until the dogs find new caring permanent homes.

Healing Hearts Animal Rescue

Healing Hearts Animal Rescue is another top senior dog rescue in Northern Virginia. Healing Hearts Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing abandoned, homeless, special needs, hospice, and senior dogs from high-kill shelters. The organization doesn’t have a physical location or shelter, as all the animals rescued are cared for in foster homes within Northern Virginia. Since 2011, the organization has rescued and rehomed more than 1,000 dogs.

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

This is a non-profit organization that helps rehome senior dogs. Founded in 2002, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue secures temporary and permanent homes for thousands of dogs as well as cats from under-resourced shelters and communities and owners who can no longer care for them. Most of their animals come from the mid-Atlantic region, although they also rescue animals internationally from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Peru, Kuwait, and Thailand. 

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation 

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation operates in the Northern Virginia and Washington Metropolitan areas. The non-profit dog rescue works to match rescued dogs with the best owners. They work with experienced animal rescuers to help you find the right pet to suit your lifestyle.

The sad fact about pet adoption is that older animals are always overlooked in favor of younger ones, and never more so than in the case of dog adoption. However, unlike puppies, senior dogs already have established personalities and a grasp of basic commands. On top of that, senior dogs are already housetrained.

This can help limit the time you spend training or watching over your dog. That’s not to mean that senior dogs won’t need time to adjust to their new homes. Regardless of the age, moving to a new home is a huge transition for a dog. The upside is that a senior dog will have spent time in another home and, therefore, will adapt quickly.

When it comes to training, the belief that you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” isn’t true. Senior dogs can still learn new commands; the best thing is that they are quicker learners than puppies. If you end up adopting or fos Dog Rescues in Northern Virginiatering a senior dog, you can turn to a professional dog trainer to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Off Leash K9 Training is a highly rated dog training company in Northern Virginia and the US. Off Leash K9 Training focuses on behavioral consultations and training of dogs regardless of their age or whether they’ve been adopted from a shelter or breeder. With Off Leash K9 Training, your senior dog could benefit from basic and advanced obedience training or aggressive dog training for behavioral issues like aggression and anxiety. Whatever kind of training you opt for, the important thing is to ensure your senior dog is happy and feels loved.

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