The Best Dog Board and Train Program in Northern Virginia

The Best Dog Board and Train Program in Northern Virginia

Here at Off Leash K9, we pride ourselves on having the best board and train program in Northern Virginia!

Dog training is a lifetime affair, and there are so many dog training programs you can enroll your dog in. One of the most effective training programs is the board and train offered by most professional dog training companies. Board and train is simply boot The Best Dog Board and Train Program in Northern Virginia camp for your dog where you drop off your dog at a training facility for two or more weeks and pick him up when he is well-trained. A board and train accords your dog the best training where they get to work with a trainer to tackle anything, including basic obedience training to problems behaviors like separation anxiety and aggression.

One of the best board and train programs is the one offered by Off Leash K9 Training. Since each dog is unique, our board and train takes a different approach. The training is customized to fit your dog’s needs to ensure the best possible results. At the end of the training, you will have a 2-hour session with the trainer, who will show you how to handle your dog moving forward. Our board and train and individualized coaching session should help improve undesired canine behavior. The 2-week program focuses on practical and everyday obedience completed outside with distractions and when the dog is off-leash. Off Leash K9 Training offers two kinds of 2-week board and train – the Urban K9 2-Week Board and Train Program and the Community K9 2-Week Board and Train Program.

Urban K9 2-Week Board and Train Program in Northern Virginia

This 2-week board and train program is for dog owners who live in or near busy, fast-paced metropolitan areas. Usually, such dogs need a lot of training to handle distractions at the highest level. If you enroll in the program, you will drop your dog at our facility, where a trainer will take over. During the two weeks, your dog will get exposed to all kinds of distractions. These include high populated areas of the city, airports, train stations, shopping centers, and busy events where there are bound to be many distractions.

On top of that, your dog will also master six basic commands like “come,” “sit,” “place,” “down,” and ON leash heel. All these are taught in high distraction areas to ensure your dog master’s basic obedience even in the most distracting environment. After the two weeks, you’ll get a more confident dog who has more exposure and training around the city or busy events.

Community K9 2-Week Board and Train Program in Northern Virginia

Rather than training your dog in high-distraction places, your dog receives training in a more realistic environment, similar to what he is likely to be exposed to regularly. The two weeks involve exposing your dog to “everyday life” scenarios like in a home environment, around the neighborhood, local parks, hiking, community events (soccer games, baseball games, etc) and big box stores.  The program focuses on getting your dog used to handling “everyday life” scenarios.

Here is a breakdown of what you get with every Board and Train program. If you enroll your dog in the Urban K9 program, you are guaranteed:

  • 2 weeks of immersive training where your dog boards with a pro trainer
  • Six guaranteed commands, including full on-leash recall
  • Your dog will learn to properly greet people, door, and meal manners 
  • An e-collar 
  • A free refresher whenever you may need it down the road 

The Community K9 guarantees:

  • 2 weeks of immersive training with an expert trainer
  • 7 guaranteed commands that include distance down and off-leash heel 
  • Greeting, meal, and door manners 
  • A free refresher for life
  • An e-collar 

The board and train program is for dog owners who need a bit of extra help raising the perfect dog. The training helps create a confident and highly obedient dog regardless of the environment. Whether you have an adult dog who is out of control or a puppy who is displaying aggressive behavior, our approach guarantees the best results.

Here’s the thing, though; while the program is highly effective, all dogs are not the same, and there is no guarantee that it will fix all behavioral issues in your dog, like aggression. However, our trainers will give you all the knowledge and tools to help control and better manage such issues.

Ready to take your dog training to the next level? Enroll now for the 2 Week Board & Train.

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